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Penis Survey Goes Hands On - Visit Brandi Belle Click Here

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  • 2010-08-05 18:55:59
So i figured it was about time BrandiBelle (thats me) took to the streets with some hard hitting investigative reporting...What does the average evryday joe...and joanne...hehe no or think about the all mighty penis...So me and my crew...oh yeah i forgot to tell you how my crew has changed you guys may have noticed... lets just say if i was going by the 3 strikes and you out rule my dipshit cameraman would have stuck out a whole team ao i finally had enough and hired a real pro...im lovin it...but anyway so yeah we went out on the streets asking random starngers embarassing questions about penis's and penis sizes and just a whole bunch of penis related questions...we were also looking for a couple cute girls to come back to our "studio" for an on air penis experimntation...it was hard enough just to find people to answer questions about peniss (but we did) so we were doubtful we'd find a couple girls willing to come back with us...but low and behold brandi always comes through...Brooke and Becky were nice enough to come back with us where they got a hand on demonstration of what a penis can really do...and how all penis come in many different shapes and sizes..enjoy and take notes you may just learn something!
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