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I was going in for a routine medical check-up. Little did I realize that it'd turn out to be so much more than that. It was as if it was right out of a sex fantasy. When I entered the examination room, I was welcomed by two beautiful nurses. Both had bangin' bodies. One was a hot chick with milky skin and the other was an exotic looking babe with long dark hair. Introduced themselves to me as Sherri and Persia. Sherri had me remove my T-shirt to check if my heart was beating properly. I felt the cold metal of the stethoscope against my chest and heaved in and out as they instructed me to .I could tell they were impressed with my physique as I noticed their eyes gazing down my ripped body. Persia placed the tongue depressor in my mouth, directing me to cough. They had me saying Ahhh so loudly I almost felt like I was moaning for them. This seems a little different. I said. Different? We're just doing our job. They both assured me they were being professional. I didn't really give a shit, I kind of wanted them to violate me. So, I figured fuck it. It's cool, no big deal. You guys are cute so... I don't care. Sherri said they had to examine my prostate. For a brief moment I heard them whispering: I think we should get him naked, he's kind of cute. My heart began thumping faster and my cock twitched in anticipation of what was to come. Alright Mr. West, why don't you go ahead and take off your clothes so I can examine you properly. 'Shit, they didn't have to tell me twice', I thought as I eagerly began removing my pants and underwear, leaving me completely naked on the patients mat. I saw them fumbling with gloves and immediately questioned their motive. Woah.. what's that for Safety. They smiled coyly. Sherri and Persia snapped on their medical gloves, preparing themselves for the procedure. I thought it was a little odd for a check-up, but whatever. They were a couple of hot nurses. I bent over for them and was a little startled when I felt their lubed up fingers probing my asshole. Woah.. wow... you're absolutely SURE this is necessary I asked. They insisted it was perfectly fine, so I complied with their instructions. You know if you do this right, this makes most guys cum... Sherri seductively announced. What? Do you guys need a sperm sample or - I inquired. In which they replied that they did in fact need a sample. Wow... this is getting interesting. I commented as I sat back down on the mat. I asked if they had magazines and where the private room was going to be for the sperm sample. Sherri and Persia had a naughty look on their faces as they offered something better. As the nurses began lubing their hands up, it wasn't long before I put two and two together.What, you mean you guys are gonna do it?! I asked, shocked. Even when I told them I was married, they were still insisting that it was a 'normal' procedure. I was so excited that I could feel my cock filling up with blood. My friends were never going to believe this when I tell them. The nurses milked my cock, asking me how it felt. I assured them they were doing a great job as my dick twitched in their soothing hands. They worked it so good it wasn't long before I could feel the stirs of a heavy orgasm coming. Persia grabbed the sperm cup and positioned it underneath my cock head as I exploded into it. Nothing had ever felt so good. What Sherri said next had me astounded.Um... You might want to stick around because the real nurse is going to be here in just a second. WOAH! You guys aren't nurses! I shouted. No! Take care! They exclaimed as they rushed out of the room giggling, leaving me bare ass naked. Hey!! Catch those two honeys! They aren't nurses! I yelled. Wait a minute. Why the fuck was I complaining? They were two hot honeys. Damn... even if it wasn't legitimate...that was definitely one exam I'd never forget.

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